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Release 1.0.5 Log

This is not so much a "Release Plan" page as it is a log of the procedures used to produce the upcoming 1.0.5 release. It will be updated as procedures are done.

Release Master POM

Used the following 2 commands to release the master pom.

mvn release:prepare -Dusername=YOURUSERNAME -Dpassword=YOURPASSWORD
mvn release:perform -Dusername=YOURUSERNAME -Dpassword=YOURPASSWORD

It appears the release:perform step copied over the site. We need to figure out how to tell it not to do this.

Maven did not do the GPG signing bit so I performed the following steps:

cd target/checkout
gpg --armor --output shale-master-3.pom.asc --detach-sig pom.xml
scp shale-master-3.pom.asc

Then to correct the file permissions on

chmod 664 /www/

Called for a release vote using the following text.

This is the formal vote for the new Shale master POM version 3.

I would appreciate a thorough review of these artifacts since I am a release manager newbie :-)

You can find the signed release candidate at [1].

Please vote
+1 if you reviewed the new master pom and approve of it
-1 if you found a flaw or potential problem with the new master pom



Copy release artifacts from staging area to live repository:

cp -r /www/ /www/

Release Framework

Followed steps outlined in ReleaseProcess to edit Jira.

  1. Added Jira version 1.0.5 2. Moved 2 unresolved issues from 1.0.5-SNAPSHOT to Unknown 3. Moved 32 remaining issues from 1.0.5-SNAPSHOT to 1.0.5. 4. Archived 1.0.5-SNAPSHOT

Created release-notes-1.0.5.html document for release notes.

Do a dry run of the release prepare to see what it generates:

mvn -DdryRun=true -Prelease,apps,dist clean release:prepare

Run Maven release process on 1_0_X branch:

On at least one instance trying to do a full shale build I had to give Maven more memory to work with:

MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1024m -Xms512m"
mvn -Dusername=SVN_USERNAME -Dpassword=SVN_PASSWORD -Prelease,apps,dist clean release:prepare
mvn -Dusername=SVN_USERNAME -Dpassword=SVN_PASSWORD -Prelease,apps,dist clean release:perform
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