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AngularJS Admin UI for Solr

As of version 5.2, Solr has a new implementation of the Admin UI. With 6.0, this new UI will be default, accessible via http://localhost:8983/solr

A link has been added to the top right allowing you to switch between the two user interfaces.


This new UI is expected to be easier to maintain, and is intended to increase the number of people who are able to contribute to its development. This will allow it to keep up with the development of Solr itself.

The new UI already has some new functionality when running in Solr Cloud mode, notably a new "Collections" selection drop down, and a Collections tab that replaces the Core Admin tab that was previously present, but not relevant in Cloud mode.

Many more possible enhancements have been identified, and can be expected in future versions.

If you encounter problems

There are undoubtedly bugs in the new user interface. Should you encounter one, please visit JIRA and create a ticket, under the SOLR project, with a component of "Web gui". You can use the "original UI" link at the top right to first compare behavior between the two user interfaces, and to access the original one in order to complete your work should the bug block your activity.

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