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Solr ships with many out-of-the-box RequestHandlers, which are called implicit because they are not configured in solrconfig.xml.

List of Implicitly Available Endpoints

EndpointRequest Handler classParamsetDescription
/admin/fileShowFileRequestHandler_ADMIN_FILEReturns content of files in ${solr.home} /conf/.
/admin/loggingLoggingHandler_ADMIN_LOGGINGRetrieve/modify registered loggers.
/admin/luke LukeRequestHandler_ADMIN_LUKEExpose the internal lucene index.
/admin/mbeans SolrInfoMBeanHandler_ADMIN_MBEANSProvide info about all registered SolrInfoMBeans.
/admin/ping PingRequestHandler_ADMIN_PINGHealth check.
/admin/pluginsPluginInfoHandlerN/AReturn info about all registered plugins.
/admin/propertiesPropertiesRequestHandler_ADMIN_PROPERTIESReturn JRE system properties.
/admin/segmentsSegmentsInfoRequestHandler_ADMIN_SEGMENTSReturn info on last commit generation Lucene index segments.
/admin/system SystemInfoHandler_ADMIN_SYSTEMReturn server statistics and settings
/admin/threads ThreadDumpHandler_ADMIN_THREADSReturn info on all JVM threads.
/analysis/document DocumentAnalysisRequestHandler_ANALYSIS_DOCUMENTReturn a breakdown of the analysis process of the given document.
/analysis/fieldFieldAnalysisRequestHandler_ANALYSIS_FIELDReturn index- and query-time analysis over the given field(s)/field type(s).
/config SolrConfigHandler_CONFIGRetrieve/modify Solr configuration.
/debug/dumpDumpRequestHandler_DEBUG_DUMPEcho the request contents back to the client.
/export SearchHandler_EXPORTExport full sorted result sets.
/get RealTimeGetHandler_GETReal-time get: low-latency retrieval of the latest version of a document.
/graph GraphHandler_ADMIN_GRAPHReturn GraphML formatted output from a gather Nodes streaming expression.
/replication ReplicationHandler_REPLICATIONReplicate indexes for SolrCloud recovery and Master/Slave index distribution.
/schema SchemaHandler_SCHEMARetrieve/modify Solr schema.
/sql SQLHandler_SQLFront end of the Parallel SQL interface.
/stream StreamHandler_STREAMDistributed stream processing.
/terms SearchHandler_TERMSReturn a field's indexed terms and the number of documents containing each term.
/update UpdateRequestHandler_UPDATEAdd, delete and update indexed documents formatted as SolrXML, CSV, SolrJSON or javabin.
/update/csv UpdateRequestHandler_UPDATE_CSVAdd and update CSV-formatted documents.
/update/json UpdateRequestHandler_UPDATE_JSONAdd, delete and update SolrJSON-formatted documents.
/update/json/docs UpdateRequestHandler_UPDATE_JSON_DOCS Add and update custom JSON-formatted documents.

How to View the Configuration

You can see configuration for all request handlers, including the implicit request handlers, via the Config API.  E.g. for the gettingstarted collection:

curl http://localhost:8983/solr/gettingstarted/config/requestHandler

To restrict the results to the configuration for a particular request handler, use the componentName request param.  E.g. to see just the configuration for the /export request handler:

curl "http://localhost:8983/solr/gettingstarted/config/requestHandler?componentName=/export"

To include the expanded paramset in the response, as well as the effective parameters from merging the paramset params with the built-in params, use the expandParams request param.  E.g. for the /export request handler:

curl "http://localhost:8983/solr/gettingstarted/config/requestHandler?componentName=/export&expandParams=true"

How to Edit the Configuration

Because implicit request handlers are not present in solrconfig.xml, configuration of their associated default, invariant and appends parameters may be edited via Request Parameters API using the paramset listed in the above table.  However, other parameters, including SearchHandler components, may not be modified. The invariants and appends specified in the implicit configuration cannot be overridden. 


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