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This Unreleased Guide Covers Apache Solr 6.6
As of 5 May 2017, committer editing of this Ref Guide is LOCKED for migration to the new Ref Guide. See SOLR-10290 for details.

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This section describes how Solr adds data to its index. It covers the following topics:

  • Post Tool: Information about using post.jar to quickly upload some content to your system.
  • De-Duplication: Information about configuring Solr to mark duplicate documents as they are indexed.
  • Content Streams: Information about streaming content to Solr Request Handlers.
  • UIMA Integration: Information about integrating Solr with Apache's Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA). UIMA lets you define custom pipelines of Analysis Engines that incrementally add metadata to your documents as annotations.

Indexing Using Client APIs

Using client APIs, such as SolrJ, from your applications is an important option for updating Solr indexes. See the Client APIs section for more information.


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