This page documents plugins, libraries, bindings, and modules that exist for the explicit purpose of integrating Solr with other applications (third party, or user created). You may also be interested in the SolrEcosystem which documents other Information Retrieval projects that relate to, or may be used with, Solr. Where possible, it tries to mention the latest source update as a proxy for level of relevance.

Solr Client Libraries / Language Bindings



Python has so many clients (more than 10), that they get their own page


  • Ruby Response Format
  • RSolr (RubyGems, GitHub, RubyToolbox, Basic Example) - March 2017
    • Rsolr-ext - a query/response extension lib for RSolr - December 2011
  • SunSpot (RubyGems, GitHub, RubyToolbox)- Built on top of RSolr for Ruby on Rails/ActiveRecord - October 2016
    • Solrnaut - Bridge between SunSpot and ActiveRecord - October 2012
  • DelSolr - January 2014
  • adds support for Solr's efficient binary javabin format to RSolr and solr-ruby- March 2013
  • Tanning Bed (Model) - February 2012
  • solr-ruby - "retro, and admittedly a little too much magic in some places", says creator ErikHatcher; beyond the basics of wrapping Solr's /update API, it sports a unique, cleverly simple Source/Mapper/Indexer facility. These days it's out of style, use RSolr instead. (circa 2007-2009ish)
  • Flare - this particular name has become overloaded:
    • old school original (2007), mothballed, first draft Ruby on Rails Solr/UI, built on solr-ruby
    • a cool enough name not to be used again (and shares common roots to the namesake): Lucidworks Flare, a Blacklight-based UI configured to work seamlessly with the LucidWorks Search platform.
  • Blacklight - an active project that began as a simple Solr-based search application for libraries built on (the original) Flare. It works as a nice search application out of the box, but also is designed to be plugged into other applications such as Hydra. Blacklight is deployed in many sites around the world and sports a vibrant community ecosystem; see its Examples page.


Some Legacy PHP examples for the above libraries are also available on the Wiki itself: SolPHP

C# / .NET



JavaScript / JSON / Node.js

(warning) Exposing Solr directly to the users (e.g. with JavaScript client talking to Solr) is inadvisable, unless you really know how to secure the handlers. And perhaps not even then (see Query String Delete). However, it could be useful for prototypes and internal interfaces.

  • JSON can be used to update Solr, to populate it with documents and as a return format. Many client implementation can just talk JSON to Solr.
  • Solrwr - Solr NodeJS wrapper, mongoose inspired - March 2017
  • AJAX Solr, a framework-agnostic JavaScript library for creating Solr user interfaces - August 2016
  • Spygrall - EmberJS-based UI kit/components - April 2014
  • Solrstrap - Query-Result interface for Solr - August 2013
  • Solr-Client (Docs) - Node.js module - October 2015







Integrating Solr With Other (Non Search) Applications

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