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*** As of June 2017, the latest Solr Ref Guide is located at https://lucene.apache.org/solr/guide ***

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This section describes how to run Solr and how to look at Solr when it is running. It contains the following sections:

Taking Solr to Production: Describes how to install Solr as a service on Linux for production environments.

Securing Solr: How to use the Basic and Kerberos authentication and rule-based authorization plugins for Solr, and how to enable SSL.

Running Solr on HDFS: How to use HDFS to store your Solr indexes and transaction logs.

Making and Restoring Backups: Describes backup strategies for your Solr indexes.

Configuring Logging: Describes how to configure logging for Solr.

Using JMX with Solr: Describes how to use Java Management Extensions with Solr.

MBean Request Handler: How to use Solr's MBeans for programmatic access to the system plugins and stats.

Performance Statistics Reference: Additional information on statistics returned from JMX.

Metrics Reporting: Details of Solr's metrics registries and Metrics API.

v2 API: Describes a redesigned API framework covering most existing Solr APIs.


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  1. For running Solr (and SolrCloud) stand-alone without an application server, you can use the high performance and easy to configure Solr-Undertow