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  • Running Solr on Tomcat

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No Longer Supported

Beginning with Solr 5.0, Support for deploying Solr as a WAR in servlet containers like Tomcat is no longer supported.

For information on how to install Solr as a standalone server, please see Installing Solr.

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  1. I want to deploy Solr 5.2.1 to tomcat 7.

    Any one give alternate way for do this.

    Could you please provide me step by step guide to installing the same.

  2. I have written my Custom Request Handler.  I am unable to deploy solr 5.3.1 on Tomcat.

    Could you please let me know how to debug my Custom Request Handler.?

  3. You guys should update your README.txt to reflect this change then, I've lost more than 01 hour trying to find the solr.war to deploy on my Tomcat Container. Thank you.

    1. If you want to go against recommendations and run 5.3 or later in Tomcat, you can likely still do so, but you will need to inform tomcat about an exploded web application (found in server/solr-webapp) instead of the .war file.

      We will get the README fixed.

  4. how to configure solr 5.4 with tomcat , should we place solr_webapp folder content to web app folder of tomcat ?

    How it  should be configured can pls explain us Shawn Heisey it would be so great if you reply to it ASAP

    1. The server/solr_webapp/webapp folder is an exploded web application. Tomcat documentation should be able to tell you how to add such an application.

      Running under tomcat is not a supported configuration. It can be done, but you are on your own.