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This section describes how Solr works with search requests. It covers the following topics:

  • Transforming Result Documents: Detailed information about using DocTransformers to add computed information to individual documents
  • Suggester: Detailed information about Solr's powerful autosuggest component.
  • MoreLikeThis: Detailed information about Solr's similar results query component.
  • Pagination of Results: Detailed information about fetching paginated results for display in a UI, or for fetching all documents matching a query.
  • Result Grouping: Detailed information about grouping results based on common field values.
  • Result Clustering: Detailed information about grouping search results based on cluster analysis applied to text fields. A bit like "unsupervised" faceting.
  • Spatial Search: How to use Solr's spatial search capabilities.
  • The Terms Component: Detailed information about accessing indexed terms and the documents that include them.
  • The Term Vector Component: How to get term information about specific documents.
  • The Stats Component: How to return information from numeric fields within a document set.
  • The Query Elevation Component: How to force documents to the top of the results for certain queries.
  • Response Writers: Detailed information about configuring and using Solr's response writers.
  • Near Real Time Searching: How to include documents in search results nearly immediately after they are indexed.
  • RealTime Get: How to get the latest version of a document without opening a searcher.
  • Exporting Result Sets: Functionality to export large result sets out of Solr. 
  • Streaming Expressions: A stream processing language for Solr, with a suite of functions to perform many types of queries and parallel execution tasks.
  • Parallel SQL Interface: An interface for sending SQL statements to Solr, and using advanced parallel query processing and relational algebra for complex data analysis.



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  1. Hi All,

    i am new to this forum. I am looking for you suggestion on one of our searching requirement.

    We have data of names , addresses and other relevant data to search for. The input for search going to be a free from text string with more than one word. The search api should match the input string against the complete data set includes names,address and other data. To fulfill the same , i have used copyField to copy all the required fields to a search field in solr confg. I am using the searchField as searchble agianst the input string that comes in. The input search string can have partial words like example below.


    Name: Test Insurance company

    Address: 123 Main Avenue, Galaxy city

    Phone: 6781230000

    After solr creates the index, the searchable field will have the document like below

    searchField {

    Name: Test Insurance company

    Address: 123 Main Avenue, Galaxy city

    Phone: 6781230000


    End user can enter search string like  "Test Company Main Ave" and the search is currently returns the above document. But not at the top, i see other documents are being returned too.

    I am framing the solr query as ""Test* Company Main Ave" , adding a "*" after first word and going against the searchFiled

    I have followed this approach after searching few forums over internet. How can i get the maximum match at the top. Not sure the above approach is right.


    Any help appreciated.





  2. I have a question related to solr search.

    Data is as below -

    STORE-A  is having product ids 101,102.

    STORE-B is having product ids 102,103,104

    In my search, I need the unique ids to be displayed with the store.If same products are available from two stores, then I need the nearby store with that product only need to be displayed (Based on geoDist() function we can get the distance to each store).

    That means, the results should be as below.

    STORE-A, 101

    STORE-A, 102

    STORE-B, 103

    STORE-B, 104

    Your answers to this question, is most appreciated.


  3. Hi Solr Team,

    I am new in Apache Solr. 

    Could you please tell me how to disable "content" field after search response.


    Thank You,