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*** As of June 2017, the latest Solr Ref Guide is located at https://lucene.apache.org/solr/guide ***

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All of the required configuration is already set up in the sample configurations shipped with Solr. You only need to add the following if you are migrating old configuration files. Do not remove these files and parameters from a new Solr instance if you intend to use Solr in SolrCloud mode.

These properties exist in 3 files: schema.xml, solrconfig.xml, and solr.xml.

1. In schema.xml, you must have a _version_ field defined:

2. In solrconfig.xml, you must have an UpdateLog defined. This should be defined in the updateHandler section.

3. The DistributedUpdateProcessor is part of the default update chain and is automatically injected into any of your custom update chains, so you don't actually need to make any changes for this capability. However, should you wish to add it explicitly, you can still add it to the solrconfig.xml file as part of an updateRequestProcessorChain. For example:

If you do not want the DistributedUpdateProcessFactory auto-injected into your chain (for example, if you want to use SolrCloud functionality, but you want to distribute updates yourself) then specify the NoOpDistributingUpdateProcessorFactory update processor factory in your chain:

In the update process, Solr skips updating processors that have already been run on other nodes.

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  1. "/admin/", "/get" and "/replication" are now implicit and don't need to be added to the config files. Should we remove them or note that here?

    1. good point - i removed those, as well as the note about "adminPath" since it's no longer supported in solr.xml anyway.