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Apache Tomcat Summit

Where: Denver, Colorado, USA

When: Friday April 11, 2014

Follows on from ApacheCon NA 2014


Via the ApacheCon NA 2014 site.


  • 08.30 Breakfast
  • 09.00 Introduction
  • 09.15 Agree agenda
  • 09.30 Topic discussions (see below)
  • 10.30 Morning break
  • 11.00 Resume topic discussions
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 13.30 Resume topic discussions
  • 15.00 Afternoon break
  • 15.30 Resume topic discussions
  • 17.00 Close


Thanks to kind sponsorship by Pivotal the following food and beverages will be provided:

All Day

  • Freshly brewed regular & decaffeinated starbucks serena organic blend® coffee
  • tazo® hot tea
  • assorted coca-cola® products
  • bottle waters


  • Chilled fruit juices
  • Personal yogurt
  • Granola
  • Home-style muffins
  • Hearty bagels
  • Cream cheese
  • Jams
  • Sweet butter

Morning break

  • Whole fresh fruit
  • Natural granola bars

Afternoon break

  • Home made cookies
  • Assorted cupcakes


The topics to be discussed will be finalized by the attendees on the day. The provisional list of topics is:

  • Road map for future development prior to the next round of JavaEE specifications
  • AJP support for HTTP upgrade
  • Make JSR 356 Java WebSocket 1.0 server implementation depend on Tomcat internals
    • No longer container neutral
    • Simpler code
    • Better performance
  • Cookies
  • Tomcat 8 stability
  • TCK status
  • Refactoring request/reponse recycling so Coyote and Catalina request and response and recycled at the same time
  • Add full version information at the start of the log
  • Review current enhancement requests in BugZilla
  • resurrect Juice to provide a OpenSSL provider for tomcat (something to have in tc-native)
  • Change the way Apache Commons DBCP 2 and Pool 2 are consumed (svn copy and then merge subsequent changes)
  • Add support for JSR196 JASPIC
  • mavenization of build
  • Arquillian tests
  • Additions to authentication/realm API to improve extension capabilities (e.g. support bcrypt, pbkdf2, etc.)
  • Monitoring of Tomcat Cluster(Tribes) by mbean.
  • Improvement of Cluster Deployer(FarmWarDeployer).
    • When adding new cluster membe, synchronize the war that is deployed on the master node.
    • Add support for parallel deployment.
  • Please add your topics here...
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