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February 2008 Board Report

Velocity remains a mature product. At the moment, development is primarily focused on the tools project. User mailing list traffic remains at 1-2 messages a day with responses generally answered quickly.

Nathan Bubna oversaw our involvement in Google's GHOP program in November/December 2007. We had several students make useful contributions to our documentation and logos. Many thanks to the participants and to Google.

The Velocity project currently has no board-level issues at this time.

ECCN Review

As requested, the PMC chair has reviewed the ASF notes on export notification. Since Velocity has no crypto code, and no links or dependencies on such code, these requirements do not apply to our project.

Community Changes

We have a new committer, but have not formally announced it as his CLA has not yet been received.

No new PMC members were voted in since the last board report.

Velocity Engine

Minor activity fixing some bugs. There are several patches received by users in the last couple of weeks that need review.

No beta or final releases were made since the last board report.

Velocity Tools

Velocity tools has released 2.0-beta1. We hope to release 2.0 by May.

Velocity Texen

Texen has been refactored to separate out ant task from main code. The code is ready for a point release in the not too distant future.

Texen currently has an unresolved Gump issue.

Velocity DVSL, Velocity Docbook, Velocity Anakia

No activity this past quarter.

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