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November 2008 Board Report

Velocity has taken a step up in activity this past quarter with two new beta releases for the Velocity Engine that point to a full version release within the next quarter. While these efforts are largely driven by a single committer, it's encouraging to see discussion, JIRA comments, and contributions coming from a variety of non-committer developers. Other committers contribute discussion, testing, and votes on an occasional basis.

As a sign of the increased activity, the message traffic on the dev list is about double what it has been for recent quarters. (and better yet – all from productive discussion). User list traffic remains the same, with 1-2 messages per day. Questions continue to get answered quickly by both project committers and other community members.

There has been a small amount of activity on the Velocity Tools project. This remains at a late beta stage, with an anticipated upcoming release.

The Velocity project currently has no board-level issues at this time.

There have been no changes to the Velocity Committers or PMC

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