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Open JIRA issues we are working on during October 9, 10, 2006.

Bugs (has patch/partial patch)

VELOCITY-132 IllegalArgumentException while calling an overloaded method (needs a little work) RESOLVED

Bugs (no patches)

VELOCITY-449 Velocity Uberspector behaves differently for get(String) and put(String, Object) methods RESOLVED

VELOCITY-456 Uberspector chokes on a number of corner cases RESOLVED

VELOCITY-458 InternalContextBase defines non-serializable non-transient fields RESOLVED

VELOCITY-71 False positive error condition parsing VM_global_library.vm RESOLVED

VELOCITY-82 VM libs will not autoreload if unparseable at Velocity startup POSTPONED TO 2.0

VELOCITY-214 References to non-public members (inner classes, fields, etc.) should log a warning rather than failing silently RESOLVED

VELOCITY-251 $!{foo} doesn't render as expected DUPLICATE

VELOCITY-264 Escaping in form of "$!{foo}" does not work POSTPONED TO 2.0

VELOCITY-280 Parsing of braces after a reference fails POSTPONED TO 2.0

VELOCITY-209 Encountered ")" Was expecting one of: ")" POSTPONED TO 2.0

VELOCITY-24 calls to local macros not always made when template caching is off

VELOCITY-262 #set not parsed in #macro

VELOCITY-285 reference within macro and foreach is incorrect

VELOCITY-435 ParseErrorException not thrown with #macro parse error

VELOCITY-455 Error in chapter "Escaping VTL Directives" in the User Guide

VELOCITY-457 documentation mistake? order of Velocimacros in template

VELOCITY-413 DVSL doesn't appear to work with Velocity 1.5

Enhancements (with patches/partial patches)

VELOCITY-405 Document new Event Handler features (needs work from WGH)

VELOCITY-423 Report invalid references RESOLVED

VELOCITY-179 Prevent execution of methods on Class, ClassLoader and related classes RESOLVED

VELOCITY-422 Add support for <property> and <propertyset> nested elements to TexenTask.

VELOCITY-414 Extend the MethodInvocation exception to be able to give the velocity macro writer a usefull error page (needs work)

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