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TimColson put together a simple "circular velocity" diagram logo, posted multiple sizes, as ideas for replacement of the primary Velocity "dark drop-shadow-oh-that's-soooo-2001 text only" logo. The smaller would possibly replace the "powered by" logo.

If the community wants to use this logo, just like my Velocity Tools "wrench", it's free and I make no copyright claim on it. I also do not guarantee it is original (Well, it might be, I mean I just drew it up myself yesterday with inspiration from this online physics lecture – ... but I cannot/will not claim that nobody else on the planet has this exact logo and might threaten legal action. Caveat Emptor)

Proposed Logos


Normal Logo

Small Logo







Note: John Mahan(question) submitted a "modification" in JPG of Tim's original PNG entries. Looks like he combined the small logo with the normal text, but re-compression seems to have made it a bit more blurry. No guarantees how it would look shrunk to the "small" logo size – even if exported from the original artwork which should clean it up a little bit. All of the attachements were deleted when Atlassian upgraded their site – and Tim does not have the example to repost here.

Tim is not suggesting changes to the Tools Logo – showing it only for reference. Note the smaller size.

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