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Xalan C/C++ Release Notes

The Xalan-C Version 1.11.1 is a minor patch release (PLANNED).

  • Overcomes a significant issue with Windows debug builds regarding a Microsoft CRT runtime assertion on null pointers.
  • Experimental support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. Full support will require the Xerces-C 3.2.0 release of the XML parser. Visual Studio 2012 is currently tested with the Xerces-C subversion trunk.
  • Website download information is being reworked. The PGP(asc) signatures and MD5(md5) hash files are no longer available on the mirrors. You need to get these files from the US and EU distribution sites.

The Xalan-C 1.11 is now released (November 2, 2012).

  • The download page has been reworked. There is a new layout happening for the Apache mirrors.
  • The Apache XML Project has been retired. The web page links have been updated to reflect the change of infrastructure layout.
  • The whatsnew page has been updated. Shows current project status of new features and bug fixes.

Development activity continues on our mailing list developer's mail list. Mail your comments specific to Xalan-C/C++ to the c-users list.

Xalan C/C++ Build Summary

The Xalan-C 1.11 is now released (November 2, 2012).

  • Builds have been confirmed for Windows (VC7.1, VC8, VC9, VC10).
  • Builds have been confirmed for FreeBSD-9
  • Builds have been confirmed for OpenBSD-5.1 (after latest committed patch)
  • Builds have been confirmed for Linux GCC-4.5
  • Builds have been confirmed for Solaris-10 and Studio-12
  • Need confirmation for Solaris-11 and Studio-12
  • Builds have been confirmed for AIX
  • Need confirmation for Mac OS X

Please post your comments to the c-users or dev mailing list regarding this project.


The (svn) repository had hard-coded version specified. This has now been patched.


The build of XERCES is OK. The XERCES build environment is constructed using the GNU Automake tools as of release 3.0.

The build of XALAN requires GNU Make. XALAN has not been ported to GNU Automake tools for platform management.


Some (crlf) line-ending issues cause Solaris Make some problems. Build the Xalan software using the GNU Make.


There are several platform specific utilities that convert files between DOS and UNIX line endings.

SOLARIS = dos2unix

AIX = dos2aix

GNU = fromdos (list of files to translate)

GNU = todos (list of files to translate)


TESTING - Regession Testing Platform

The regression testing suite is in need of rewrite.

The platform of tests that was part of the Apache XML project has been copied to the Apache XALAN project. The test platform has not been maintained and is significantly outdated.

Most of the tests are Java based, but some C/C++ testing has also been done.

For XALAN-C, the best testing we currently have are the sample programs. But testing therein is minimal.

Documentation for the test platform is now found on our old website pages:

There are undocumented tests in the XALAN-C tree.

To Do

  • The documentation package website pages (except for apiDocs) can be built on

Windows platforms. The full documentation package (including apiDocs) requires a Linux or UNIX platform.

Note: There are doxygen and graphviz distributions for Windows. The Windows platform is not tested for creating apiDocs.

Near Future

  • Merge the current patches into the GSoC-2012 branch.
  • Integrate the GSoC branch into the various build configurations.


  • Move the UNIX/Linux Makefile builds that are controled by the runConfigure program to a build management architecture using the GNU automake tools.

Xalan-C Version 1.11 Distributions


  • KEYS


Layout = (product)(version)(hdw)(opsys)(compiler)

(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)


(asc, md5)


(asc, md5)

Xalan_C-1.11 packages combined with Xerces_C-3.1.1

(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)


(asc, md5)


(asc, md5)


Layout = (product)(version)-docs(type)


(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)


(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)


Layout = (product)-(version)-src


(asc, md5)

(asc, md5)


The KEYS file contains the public PGP keys by which the distribution artifacts can be validated.

The (asc) files are the PGP detached signatures for the distribution artifacts.

The (md5) files contain the MD5 hash of the distribution artifacts.




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