This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
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Welcome to the Xindice Wiki

This Wiki is somewhat new, and does not have much content. The offical Xindice web site is

Xindice 1.0 is quite different in many details from the current (1.1) development version. The recent development releases have been quite stable and, it appears, most active Xindice users are using them.

As many details of Xindice invocation have been changing, check whether the information in this wiki applies to 1.0, the current development release (1.1b4), or the state of the code in CVS.

Xindice News

  • April 2004
    • Xindice 1.1b4 is out
  • February 2004
    • Xindice re-licensed to Apache License, version 2.0
    • Xindice website updated: Added link to this Wiki.
    • Xindice got new Wiki!

Read older news in News Archive. Feel free to add Xindice related news here.

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