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Welcome to the Apache XMLBeans Wiki

General XMLBeans Info

XMLBeans V2 Resources

  • V2Features - Page discussing XMLBeans Version 2 Features
  • Feature Mini-specs
  • SelectChildren and SelectAttributes Feature - [SelectChildrenAndAttributesFeature]

  • XQuery engine integration - [XqueryEngineIntegrationFeature]

  • How to handle CDATA - [CdataOptions]

  • Reference for .xsdconfig files - [XsdConfigFile]

  • [ReleaseCandidateChecklist] - For the 2.0.0 release

  • Extending

XMLBeans Version 1.x Resourcesfree dating sites

  • Feature Mini-specs
  • Extending generated types with user interfaces - [ExtensionInterfacesFeature]

  • Pre and post calls in the xbean setters - [PrePostSetFeature]

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