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XML Graphics project: Migration from CVS to SVN


According to the page above, we need people who will be available to supervise the conversion, as everything (test + real conversion) will be done in one batch.

  • Coordination: Jeremias
  • Batik: Thomas, ?
  • FOP: Jeremias, ?

Conversion instructions

To be sent to the infrastructure team:

CVS modules to be converted:

  • xml-batik (full conversion)
  • xml-fop (full conversion)

What we already have (see
  +-- site

The desired layout will look like this:
  +-- batik
        +-- branches (xml-batik branches)
        +-- tags     (xml-batik tags)
        +-- trunk    (xml-batik HEAD)
  +-- fop
        +-- branches (xml-fop branches)
        +-- tags     (xml-fop tags)
        +-- trunk    (xml-fop HEAD)
  +-- site           (No changes!)


  • Do we have tags that we want excluded from the conversion?
  • When exactly?
  • Notify both dev lists before the lockdown on the CVS modules prior to the conversion.
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