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  1. HowToContribute

    How to Contribute to Apache Hive This page describes the mechanics of how to contribute software to Apache Hive. For ideas about what you might contribute, please see open tickets in Jira Getting the Source Code…
    Apache Hiveabout 11 hours ago
  2. Workflow using Datatable Verification

    Overview Datatables is a feature available in fineract to assist the MFIs to capture custom information associated to Client, Loan, Savings, and Group etc. This feature helps MFIs to capture custom data, but there is no system enforced verification of dat…
    Fineractabout 9 hours ago
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  5. Re: POM Model Version 5.0.0

    Why, ...…
    Apache Mavenabout 9 hours ago
  6. Re: POM Model Version 5.0.0

    I would like to add a element next to the packaging. My usecase is a war file generated by soapUi. The result is clear, but I don't want the overhead of the war lifecycle, pom lifecycle is good enough. You will see the issue during assembling,…
    Apache Mavenabout 9 hours ago
  7. LanguageManual UDF

    Hive Operators and User-Defined Functions (UDFs) All Hive keywords are case-insensitive, including the names of Hive operators and functions. In Beeline or the CLI, use the commands below to show the latest documentation: SHOW FUNCTIONS; DESCRIBE FUNCTION…
    Apache Hiveabout 13 hours ago
  8. AOO 4.1.3 Release Notes

    Release Notes for Apache OpenOffice 4.1.3 Translations: English (en) | Deutsch (de) | Dutch (nl) | Italian (it) | French (fr) General Remarks Apache OpenOffice 4.1.3 is a maintenance release incorporating important bug fixes, s…
    Apache OpenOffice Communityabout 15 hours ago
  9. 2016-11 November Report

    Fineract Fineract is an open source system for core banking as a platform. Fineract has been incubating since 2015-12-15. Most important issues to address in the move towards graduation: With the first official incubation release out, we want to work on g…
    Fineractabout 13 hours ago
  10. Re: Enabling SSL

    I followed the steps to make the solr SSL enabled. I'm able to hit solr at: https://localhost:8985/solr/problem/select?indent=on&q=*:*&wt=json https://localhost:8985/solr/problem/select?indent=on&q=*:*&wt=json And for accessing it through Solr Client I…
    Apache Solr Reference Guideabout 14 hours ago