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  1. Development Process

    This page captures the approach we'll follow for streamlining the development process in MXNet project. Pull Requests As MXNet contributions continue to grow there is a need to scale the capacity for reviewing incoming PRs. While the primary goal is to…
    MXNetyesterday at 12:59 AM
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  3. Kafka Improvement Proposals

    This page describes a proposed Kafka Improvement Proposal (KIP) process for proposing a major change to Kafka. To create your own KIP, click on "Create" on the header and choose "KIP-Template" other than "Blank page". If you don't have permission, please…
    Apache Kafkayesterday at 06:55 PM
  4. Board report HOWTO

    Reports are due : - this page also has cute summary information brought together from other Apache sources (like comittee-info.txt -…
    Apache Flexyesterday at 10:16 PM
  5. SQL Client Example using KnoxShell in Apache Knox

    The KnoxShell release artifact provides a small footprint client environment that removes all unnecessary server dependencies, configuration, binary scripts, etc. It is comprised of a couple different things that empower different sorts of users. A set of…
    KNOXyesterday at 11:04 PM
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