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  1. ASF Maturity Evaluation

    Podling maturity evaluation of Apache MADlib based on the Apache project maturity model Code ID Description (from maturity model) Evaluation Committers who agree with evaluation…
    Apache MADlibabout 16 hours ago
  2. Installing OCW using the conda package manager

    Introduction conda is an easy to use and maintain software package management system. It provides a simple and painless method for installing OCW and its dependencies across a variety of platforms. OCW Installation Instructions Requirements The latest ver…
    Apache Open Climate Workbenchabout 16 hours ago
  3. Mynewt FAQ

    Merging a pull request Steps to merge a pull request from the github mirror. It assumes that you have a local repository on your laptop that is cloned from the apache git repo ( https://git-…
    Apache Mynewtabout 17 hours ago
  4. cTAKES 4.0

    Key Files LICENSE ; README ; NOTICE ; 3rd party dependenc…
    Apache cTAKESabout 15 hours ago
  5. SEP-3: Heart-beat mechanism between JobCoordinator and all running containers

    Status Current state: UNDER DISCUSSION Discussion thread: < to mailing list DISCUSS thread> JIRA: SAMZA-871 https://iss…
    Apache Samzaabout 15 hours ago
  6. New release guidelines

    This document provides: This document contains a mixture of information, advice and examples of best practices for releasing versions of Apache Juneau. The instructions provided here are consistent with, but not a replacement for the ASF Release Guideline…
    Juneauabout 14 hours ago
  7. KIP-120: Cleanup Kafka Streams builder API

    Status Current state: Accepted [VOTE] KIP-120: Cleanup Kafka Streams builder API Discussion thread: [DISCUSS] KIP-120: Cleanup Kafka Streams builder API http…
    Apache Kafkaabout 13 hours ago
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    about 13 hours ago
  9. Re: HDFS BookKeeperJournalManager http://beheal…
    Apache BookKeeperabout 8 hours ago
  10. Graduation Todo

    Task to be Completed JIRA Issue for Task Assigned developer Completed Publish SVG Logo of Apache Wave on Website under resources wisebaldone - Update Incubator Logo wisebaldone - Remove hardcoded dependencies in repo (License issues) pablojan Vote:…
    Apache Waveabout 12 hours ago