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  1. Continuous Integration Setup

    Here is the summary about the CI tools for Apache DistributedLog. CI Job Name Target OS Target Language Description Jenkins CI distributedlog-nightly-build Ubuntu Java 8 Nightly build for distrib…
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  5. Re: Roadmap

    Implementation of the WITH clause in Trafodion SQL is a great idea!…
    Apache Trafodionabout 3 hours ago
  6. Roadmap

    This is a tentative candidate list of enhancements for the Trafodion project sorted by timeline. Feel free to add to this list, but before you do so, please check whether a JIRA already exists. If not, please create the JIRA and add to the list below. The…
    Apache Trafodionyesterday at 05:47 PM
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  9. Re: Software Release Process

    Comment here folks, as of OCW 1.0.0, this release process is flawless.…
    Apache Open Climate Workbenchyesterday at 05:18 AM
  10. this is test page

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