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  1. Hive Transactions

    ACID and Transactions in Hive What is ACID and why should you use it? ACID stands for four traits of database transactions: Atomicity (an operation either succeeds completely or fails, it does not leave partial data), Consistency (once an application per…
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  5. Apache Ranger 0.5.0 Installation

    Short summary This document details the steps involved in Installing latest version of Apache Incubator Ranger independently on RHEL / Ubuntu / SUSE / Debian OS. Ranger Admin support on Apache Components Component name Version Reference HDFS 2.7.0 https…
    Rangerabout 2 hours ago
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  7. Supplemental Spark Projects

    This page tracks external software projects that supplement Apache Spark and add to its ecosystem. Spark Packages The Spark package index provides a community-managed list of libraries and applications that work with Spark. You…
    Sparkabout an hour ago
  8. Development Process

    This is a proposed way of working, under discussion on the mailing list. See Commit to master through PR only was decided on here:…
    Apache Cloudstackabout 2 hours ago
  9. Re: Registry Design

    Mark, I think you've captured the core features i'd like to see. Under Implementations considerations I'd like to see something like "A Template should specify a schema with a version that indicates the version of the flow/template model it is compat…
    Apache NiFiabout 2 hours ago
  10. Apache ActiveMQ Board Report - 2015.08 (August)

    TLP Description: Apache ActiveMQ is a popular and powerful open source messaging server. Apache ActiveMQ is fast, supports many cross language clients and protocols, comes with easy to use enterprise integration patterns and many advanced features while f…
    Apache ActiveMQabout an hour ago