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  4. SQL Standard Based Hive Authorization

    Status of Hive Authorization before Hive 0.13 The default authorization in Hive is not designed with the intent to protect against malicious users accessing data they should not be accessing. It only helps in preventing users from accidentally doing opera…
    Apache Hiveyesterday at 12:12 AM
  5. Streaming Data Ingest

    Hive HCatalog Streaming API Traditionally adding new data into Hive requires gathering a large amount of data onto HDFS and then periodically adding a new partition. This is essentially a “batch insertion”. Insertion of new data into an existing partition…
    Apache Hiveyesterday at 01:58 AM
  6. DRAFT: How to Release

    Introduction From time to time, Impala creates releases. These are tarballs of the Impala source that follow the rules below. Decisions about releases are made by four groups: A Release Manager, who must be a committer, does the work of creating the relea…
    Impalayesterday at 04:32 AM
  7. Airflow Links

    Official Apache Airflow Information Full documentation on Apache Airflow (incubating) (dev mailing list) Apache Airflow (incubating) (commits…
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  10. Preparing Zeppelin Release

    Create release branch From 0.6.0 release A release branch need to be created for major release. Minor release is released from the same branch with different tag. For example, release 0.6.0 will create branch 'branch-0.6', but release 0.6.1 will be rele…
    Zeppelinyesterday at 08:18 AM