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  1. Data Loading

    Choosing the Appropriate Method to Add Rows You can use these SQL statements to add rows of data to Trafodion tables: INSERT UPSERT UPSERT USING LOAD LOAD For syntax descriptions of these statements, see the Trafodion SQL Reference Manual (pdf, 3.98 MB)…
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  2. Feature Architecture and Design

    This page is a central location for pointing to detailed architectural and design descriptions for new features in Trafodion. To create a feature design page in the wiki, please see Guidelines for Feature Design Pages…
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  3. Creating Statistics During Bulk Load

    NOTE: The features described on this page are Technology Preview (Complete But Not Tested) features in Trafodion Release 1.1. Introduction Trafodion requir…
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  4. Installation

    Welcome to Trafodion! This page will help you install Trafodion for the first time or uninstall Trafodion. Downloading the Latest Version You can download the latest version of the Trafodion software binaries from http://down…
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  5. Backup and Restore

    Full Offline Backup/Restore of Trafodion Trafodion full offline backup and restore operation are performed using HBase snapshot fetaure. Snapshots are a light weight way to keep the current state of a table without copying the data. After making changes…
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  6. Guidelines for Feature Design Pages

    Use these guidelines to help you create a feature design page in the wiki. Determine if you need to create a feature design page for your new feature. You might need to create a feature design page if your feature: Has externals that need to be debated…
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  8. Enable data compression in ODBC driver and DCS server

    Introduction Purpose Sending big bunch of data which is sparse to server side quickly over TCPIP network. Usage Scenarios N/A External Functionality Configuration File Changes Windows driver: we can enable compression in "Trafodion ODBC Data Source 'xxx…
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  9. Enabling Security Features in Trafodion

    NOTE: Starting in Trafodion Release 1.1, during the installation of Trafodion, you will be prompted to enable security. If you wish to enable security manually or would like to understand how security in Trafodion works, please continue reading. If you…
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  10. Using the ldapconfigcheck Utility

    The utility ldapconfigcheck validates the syntactic correctness of a Trafodion authentication configuration file. Trafodion does not need to be running to run the utility. ldapconfigcheck []... ::= --help|-h : display usage information…
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