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  1. KIP-98 - Exactly Once Delivery and Transactional Messaging

    [This KIP proposal is a joint work between hachikuji, fpj, apurva.1618, sriramsub, and guozhang] Motivation This document outlines a proposal for strengthening the message delivery semantics of Kafka. This builds on significant work which has been done…
    Apache Kafkaabout 15 hours ago
  2. HiveServer2 Clients

    This page describes the different clients supported by HiveServer2. Other documentation for HiveServer2 includes: HiveServer2 Overview Setting Up HiveServer2 Hive Configuration Properties: HiveServer2 Introduced in Hive version 0.11. See HIVE-2935 https…
    Apache Hiveabout 14 hours ago
  3. Contributors

    Below you'll find a list of the contributors, who have gone the extra mile and registered their iCLA. These recognized contributors have gained privileges in the project. Name Location Email Address Affiliation iCLA Filed JIRA Confluence Apache ID Committ…
    Apache Trafodionabout 14 hours ago
  4. Re: Access Control Model (simplified)

    "Each user belongs to one or more tenants" - Can we simplify things by having a user just be "in" one tenant?…
    Traffic Controlabout 14 hours ago
  5. Инструкции для OpenMeetings на Русском

    Tutorials for installing OpenMeetings and Tools Tutoriales en español relacionados con OpenMeetings Tutorials for installing OpenMeetings and Tools -…
    Apache OpenMeetingsabout 6 hours ago
  6. Preparing Zeppelin Release

    Create release branch From 0.6.0 release A release branch need to be created for major release. Minor release is released from the same branch with different tag. For example, release 0.6.0 will create branch 'branch-0.6', but release 0.6.1 will be rele…
    Zeppelinabout 7 hours ago
  7. Camel 2.19 Release

    Camel 2.19.0 Release (currently in progress) New and Noteworthy Welcome to the 2.19.0 release which approx XXX issues resolved (new features, improvements and bug fixes such as...) Introduced Camel Conne…
    Apache Camelabout 6 hours ago
  8. Установка OpenMeetings 3.2.0 на Ubuntu 14.04.4.pdf

  9. E-commerce 14.12

    User Story 1: Home Page The Customer visits the home page and reviews the listed popular categories along with the list of featured products. The Buyer is also able to search catalog for product they wants to buy and is able to navigate other pages of sto…
    OFBiz Project Open Wikiabout 6 hours ago
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