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  1. KIP-82 - Add Record Headers

    Status Current state: Adopted Discussion thread: here JIRA: KAFKA-4208 Please keep the discussion on the m…
    Apache Kafkaabout 12 hours ago
  2. Apache Griffin DSL Guidance

    Purpose Griffin DSL is designed for DQ measurement, as a SQL-like language, trying to describe the DQ domain request. Including kinds of measurement types: accuracy profiling completeness timeliness Including kinds of data source types: batch streaming In…
    Griffinabout 15 hours ago
  3. AOO 4.1.4 Release Notes (deutsch)

    Allgemeines Apache OpenOffice 4.1.4 ist ein Wartungs-Release mit wichtigen Bugfixes, Sicherheitsfixes, aktualisierten Wörterbüchern und Buildfixes. Alle Benutzer von Apache OpenOffice 4.1.3 oder früher sol…
    Apache OpenOffice Communityabout 12 hours ago
  4. 2017-10-19 Meeting Agenda

    Agenda: 1. Cookie Issue 2. Checkpoint Issue 3. JIRA to Github migration 4. Flaky Tests 5. Pull Requests…
    Apache BookKeeperabout 14 hours ago
  5. Metron 0.4.0 with HDP 2.5 bare-metal install on Centos 6 with MariaDB for Metron REST

    Contributed by Laurens Vets . Version 0.3.4 - July 2017. Introduction We will be installing Metron 0.4.0 with HDP 2.5 on CentOS 6. We will also install MariaDB as a database for Metron REST. Add…
    Metronabout 4 hours ago
  6. KIP-179 - Change ReassignPartitionsCommand to use AdminClient

    Note this was initially erroneously assigned as KIP-178, which was already taken, and has been reassigned KIP-179. Status Current state: Under Discussion [One of "Under Discussion", "Accepted", "Rejected"] Discussion thread: here http://mail-archives.apac…
    Apache Kafkaabout 3 hours ago
  7. Events, Blogs and Other Links

    Videos The Greenplum channel on YouTube has a number of videos to learn more about MADlib and its uses. Recent Events Greenplum Database Meetup on Apache Solr & MADlib: Enabling Massive Text Analyti…
    Apache MADlibabout 2 hours ago
  8. How To Create a Geode Client in 10 Easy Steps

    Download Protobuf for the target language of choice. Download the latest release of Geode Start a Geode server with the following gfsh https://geode.apache.or…
    Geodeabout 2 hours ago
  9. QUIC

    Table of contents Goal Implement IETF QUIC into ATS Core. Design Doc Data Flow (draft-05 : Second Implementation) quic_data_flow.pngquic_connection_state.png ToDo https://github.c…
    Traffic Serverabout 18 hours ago
  10. 2017 Oct.jpg

    Traffic Server / … / QUICabout 18 hours ago