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  • FIXED: it's now fixed in SVN – this is usually used when a commiter checks in a fix for the bug.
  • INVALID: it's not actually a bug report, or not something related to SpamAssassin – "SpamAssassin doesn't work!" or "I can't install SpamAssassin"
  • WONTFIX: the report proposes something that we do not want to fix either for technical or philosophical reasons – "SpamAssassin should do anti-virus scanning"
  • WORKSFORME: it's not reproducible, or the reported behaviour seems to be as designed
  • LATER: this might be something we should look at in the far future, but for now its infeasible or undesirable – seldom used
  • REMIND: we don't generally use this

Removing Spam Bugs

Deleting a bug that is spam can only be done by someone who has Administrator access to our Bugzilla. See RemovingBugzillaSpam.