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In conclusion, DNS RR works as good as a list of ensemble IP arguments except cluster reconfiguration case.
It turns out that there is a minor problem with DNS RR. If you are using a tool such as, it does not take care of a list of host IP returned by a DNS server.

What happens to ZK sessions while the cluster is down?

Imagine that a client is connected to ZK with a 5 second session timeout, and the administrator brings the entire ZK cluster down for an upgrade. The cluster is down for several minutes, and then is restarted.

In this scenario, the client is able to reconnect and refresh its session. Because session timeouts are tracked by the leader, the session starts counting down again with a fresh timeout when the cluster is restarted. So, as long as the client connects within the first 5 seconds after a leader is elected, it will reconnect without an expiration, and any ephemeral nodes it had prior to the downtime will be maintained.

The same behavior is exhibited when the leader crashes and a new one is elected. In the limit, if the leader is flip-flopping back and forth quickly, sessions will never expire since their timers are getting constantly reset.