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  • How to Become a Committer

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  • Download and print the Apache Contributor License Agreement from here. You need to sign it and fax it to Apache.
  • Wait for your name to appear on the list of received CLAs
  • Once thats done let us know the Oozie PMC chair know (send an email to and we can apply to Apache Infrastructure to have your account created; for that we'll need the following info
    • Your full name
    • Your preferred email address
    • Your preferred unix account name

(Note for PMC chair: to create an account go to

Enabling your SVN account


Checkout Oozie's site, edit the pom.xml adding yourself as developer with committer role, run mvn site to verify the site builds and your name shows up under 'Project Information --> Team' page, then commit the changes. The changes will make it Refer to the How To Update Oozie site automatically page for details on how to publish the updated site.

Getting Karma in Oozie JIRA