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2.Project: Giraph integration with Tinkerpop

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Project Aim

Graph databases are dbms that are very efficient to run graph traversals to answer queries. Typical examples are Neo4j, OrientDB, Dex, etc. Graph databases and Giraph solve two different problems in the graph processing world. The first ones solve needs for queries that touch a small portion of the graph, and that need to be answered with low latency (milliseconds). The second one solves the need for large computations that touch all the graph, possibly many times, hence potentially lasting for hours. Both tools are not good in solving the problem the other one is good at.
However they can work together. By injecting the graph from a graph database into Giraph, it is possible to run analytics that cannot be run on the graph database itself, as much as MapReduce can be used to run OLAP queries on an RDBMS.