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A GBeanMBean is a J2EE Management Managed Object, and is standard base for Geronimo services. GBean is a class or object that Geronimo the container can manage the lifecycle of. So, for example, when you deploy parts into a container you want to start them and stop them, and they have dependencies: Such as 'Bean A' can only start up when 'Bean B' is ready to go because 'Bean B' provides services that 'Bean A' needs. So, GBeans are Geronimo's way of packaging up things are that need to be managed, and can express dependencies. The GBeans architecture lies at the heart of Geronimo's power to enable developers to move or work with their existing J2EE assets, whether Open Source or commercial.


GBeans are exposed as MBeans via the JMX kernel. Hence, it is possible to control/query them as we would have control �Â"standard�standardÂ" MBeans.

For instance, to manage a given MBean remotely, it is possible to leverage the Java Management Extensions Remote API(JSR 160), which is supported by Geronimo.