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  1. Update the local fork with the new branch quickstep-101.
    1. If the new branch is in the ASF repo, do git fetch origin
    2. Otherwise, we need to fetch from a remote fork repo. Below some-contributor is the github id of the contributor, and in the Quickstep github PR, the PR is assumed to have a tag like some-contributor:quickstep-101
      git remote add some-contributor
      git remote -v
      git fetch some-contributor quickstep-101
  2. git checkout master
  3. Ensure that the Ensure that the branch / PR is one commit ahead of the master branch, with a well-written commit message:
    1. If the new branch is in the ASF repo, do the following commands:
      1. git checkout quickstep-101
      2. git rebase -i origin/master
      3. git push origin quickstep-101 -f
    2. Otherwise, ask the contributor to do the same as above.
  4. git checkout master
  5. Rebase the PR with the origin master branch in the ASF repo.
    1. If the new branch is in the ASF repo, git rebase -i origin/quickstep-101
    2. Otherwise, git rebase -i some-contributor/quickstep-101
      Now if we see "noop", we are good to merge. Otherwise, the committer should notify the PR submitter to rebase the branch to make it a single commit ahead the current master branch.
  6. git log
    If we see a commit message like "Merge branch 'master' of", we should abort the merge; otherwise we will mess up the master history.
  7. git push origin master
    This command triggers asfgit to merge the PR in GitHub ASF mirror repo. 
  8. Delete the branch if it is in the ASF repo, otherwise skip this step.
    git push origin --delete quickstep-101
    This command triggers asfgit to delete the merged branch. 
  9. Close the JIRA ticket regarding this PR by visiting: