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git fetch apache # to make sure you have the latest master
git checkout apache/branch-x.y.z
git checkout -b x.y.z-patch-foo # the name doesn't matter - it will only be in your local workstation
git cherry-pick b4d1a3... # or whatever git hashes
# then resolve conflicts, if there are any
# cherry-pick some more commits:
git cherry-pick ....
git cherry-pick .....
git push apache HEAD:branch-x.y.z
Do the tag
git fetch apache
git checkout apache/branch-x.y.z
git tag -a x.y.z-rcw -m "x.y.z release candidate w" # when making release candidate w of version x.y.z
git push apache x.y.z-rcw

iii. Create the release artifacts

This step involves several steps. First, you create the tarball. Next you will create hashes, and a signature. Full details are provided in the script.

You should also verify that every source file has an Apache-approved header. Apache has a script for this process, it's called apache rat.

iii. Publish the release artifacts to the dev SVN repo

svn checkout quickstep/

# The directory layout is x.y.z/RCw, where w is the release candidate number - RC1 is the first candidate, RC2 the second, and so on.
mkdir -p x.y.z/RCw
cd x.y.z/RCw
cp /tmp/apache-quickstep-incubating-x.y.z.tar.gz* ./
svn add .
svn commit --username=YOUR_APACHE_USER_NAME -m "Quickstep-x.y.z RCw"