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  • Running Multiple Instances of Geronimo

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This article is organized as follows:


  1. Set the system property to the instance name before you start the server. Use the syntax for an instance named foo located at <geronimo_home>/foo. Add this to your GERONIMO_OPTS environment variable Windows Hint


  2. Start the server using startup <geronimo_home>/bin/startup
  3. To shutdown this instance use the port number of RMI Naming port (default 1099) <geronimo_home>/bin/shutdown --port <port_num>
  4. To deploy applications to this instance use the port number of RMI Nmaing port <geronimo_home>/bin/deploy --port <port_num> deploy ......

The Geronimo Administration Console can also be used for all these operations. Connect to an instance by using the right HTTP port (default 8080)


The default instance is nameless, i.e. it is run from <geronimo_home>/var. It can be deleted!

Coming Soon!

The default instance named 'geronimo' will be created and run using the following. It will use <geronimo_home>/geronimo for instance data.


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