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To optimize the NiFi directory structure for upgrade:


  1. Move the following directories out of the NiFi installation directory:

    • Database repository

    • All content repositories

    • Flowfile repository

    • NiFi log repository

    • All provenance repositories

    See the System Administrator's Guide for information on options for creating these repositories to optimize performance and stability.

  2. Move static items that do not change from version to version out of the conf directory. These items include:

    • flow.xml.gz

    • authorized-users.xml

    • The templates directory


Preserving your custom processors



If you have written any custom NARs, first test and validate them in a separate new NiFi release sandbox prior to upgrading.  The verified NARs can be preserved during the upgrade by storing them in a centralized location as follows:

  1. Create a second library directory, called custom_lib.

  2. Move your custom NARs to this new lib directory.

  3. Add a new line to the file to specify this new lib directory:

Preserving customized NAR files

If you have modified any of the default NAR files, an upgrade will overwrite these changes. To preserve the customization:

  1. Identify and save the changes you have made to the default NAR files in your existing instance.

  2. Perform your upgrade toNiFi 1.0.0.

  3. Redo the changes you have made to the NAR files in your NiFi 1.0.0 instance.