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Wiki Markup


To get started, use the head tag and the ajax theme. See ajax head template for more information. Then look at the usage details for the ajax a template.

If you want to use additional parameters in your s:a the best practice is to use a s:url to create your url and then leverage this url into your s:a tag. This is done by creating a s:url and specifying an id attribute.. like "testUrlId" in this example. Then in the s:a tag reference this id in the href attribute via " %{testUrlId}"

Code Block
<s:url idvar="testUrlId" namespace="/subscriber" action="customField" method="delete">
                  <s:param name="" value="${id}"/>
             <s:a errorText="Sorry your request had an error." preInvokeJS="confirm('Are you sure you want to delete this item?')" href="%{testUrlId}">
                    <img src="<s:url value="/images/delete.gif"/>" border="none"/><>

<img xsrc="<s:url value="/images/delete.gif"/>" border="none"/></s><s:a><img xsrc="<s:url value="/images/delete.gif"/>" border="none"/></s:a>