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Struts 2 CRUD Example


Due to the export of the wiki to static pages, attachements are not visible. You can find the .war with the source here


Welcome to the Struts 2 (S2) CRUD Example. This example was created to be as simple as possible and as such, it does not use all of the advanced (integration) features such as Spring IoC, Hibernate Open-session-in-view, OS Sitemesh, annotations, etc .. For these and other examples, please refer to the Struts 2 Guides.


Let's explore the doList method, which is the default method we specified in our xworkstruts.xml for our index action.


First we apply a requiredstring validator to the getEmployee().getFirstName() return value. There are quite a few validators, ranging from requiredstring, required, intrange, emailaddress, url, .. etc. Writing your own validator is not hard, and it can be reused easily. Here we use the requiredstring, which does 2 checks:

  • check the availabilty of the string (!= null)
  • check the length of the string to be > 0

Why the stringlength greater than 0? HTML forms will submit an empty string (not a null!) for an empty text input, so simply testing for null would fail if we required at least one character to be submitted.