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To start refreshing use the javascript:

Code Block

To stop refreshing use the javascript:

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To refresh the content use the javascript:

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JavaScript Examples:

To further illustrate these concepts here is an example. Say you want to change the url of a div at runtime via javascript. Here is what you need to do:
What you will need to do is add a JS function that listens to a JS event that publishes the id from the select box that was selected. It will modify the URL for the div (adding the id so the correct data is obtained) and then bind() the AJAX div so it refreshes.

Code Block
<saf:head theme="ajax" />

<script type="text/javascript">
    function updateReports(id) {
       var reportDiv= window['reportDivId'];
       reportDiv.href = '/../reportListRemote.action?selectedId='+id;
    dojo.event.topic.getTopic("updateReportsListTopic").subscribe(null, "updateReports");

<form ... >
<saf:select .... onchange="javascript: dojo.event.topic.publish("updateReportsListTopic", this.value); " />

<saf:div id="reportDivId" theme="ajax" href="/.../reportListRemote.action" >
  Loading reports...