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Special instructions for releasing the Server (used on Geronimo 2.2)

-by David Jencks

New Nexus Release Guidelines

Follow the new Apache Release process for Nexus, which all projects must use moving forward. These steps apply to a given project if:


For additional details on the Nexus repo changes, take a look at the doc links in the following JIRA, until we have a new process documented -

Special instructions for releasing the Server (used on Geronimo 2.2)


Run the normal release plugin steps, but with the following additional profiles:

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mvn release:prepare -Pall-subprojects -Papache-release -Dtest=false
mvn release:perform -Pall-subprojects -Papache-release -Dtest=false

Preparation and discussion

We have a lot of server bits that don't normally get run in a build and shouldn't be released. These are typically integration tests or test servers for plugins. All these projects have to be built during the release so the versions get updated properly. Since mistakes here won't cause build problems except during releases, you have to check carefully that all projects are built in the all-subprojects profile. Note that integration tests are often run from non-pom packaging projects so you have to add such projects as modules to the closest parent project that is pom packaging.