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  • KNOX-20: Administrative REST API

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The admin API will be implemented as a separate topology.  This will allows for a separate authentication and authentication and authorization from normal topologies/clusters.  The admin topology will be called admin.  This may conflict with existing customer topologies but that could be addressed by the customer renaming the admin topology.


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titleSample Topology File

 Note: The <url> element is not required as this will be an "internal" service.

The internal service will likely be implemented as a Jersey based dispatch based on the module gateway-provider-jersey. 

Open Questions/Issues

  • In order for SLA to be used directly separate services would be required to support different ATZ policy.
  • Does this highlight a need to have the service unique portion of the URL exposed in the topology file (e.g. webhdfs, hive, admin, etc?)
  • Does the work on versioned services need to come into play here?