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    See org.apache.struts2.config.Result annotation JavaDocs.
  • name - Result name; default Action.SUCCESS
  • value - Value of result (result destination)
  • type - Type of result; default NullResult. For example:
    • NullResult.class
    • FreemarkerResult.class
    • PlainTextResult.class
    • VelocityResult.class
    • ServletDispatcherResult.class
    • ServletRedirectResult.class
    • ServletActionRedirectResult.class - Equivalent to redirect-action equivalent to the redirectAction type in XML config.
    • TilesResult.class
    • .. (for more result, please consult the API docs, and look for implementations of the XWork Result interface)
  • params - An Array of the parameters in the form {key1, value1, key2, value2}

@Result – Defining a Single Result


Code Block
titleDefining Multiple Results
    @Result(name="success", value="/", type=TilesResult.class),
    @Result(name="homeError", value="/", type=tilesResultTilesResult.class)
public class HomeAction extends ActionSupport {
    // ....
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