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You can install a stable release of Hive by downloading a tarball, or you can download the source code and build Hive from that.


Running HiveServer2 and




  • Java 1.7
    Note:  Hive versions 1.2 onward require Java 1.7 or newer. Hive versions 0.14 to 1.1 work with Java 1.6 as well. Users are strongly advised to start moving to Java 1.8 (see HIVE-8607).  
  • Hadoop 2.x (preferred), 1.x (not supported by Hive 2.0.0 onward).
    Hive versions up to 0.13 also supported Hadoop 0.20.x, 0.23.x.
  • Hive is commonly used in production Linux and Windows environment. Mac is a commonly used development environment. The instructions in this document are applicable to Linux and Mac. Using it on Windows would require slightly different steps.  

Installing Hive from a Stable Release


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  $ $HIVE_HOME/bin/hive

Running HiveServer2 and Beeline

Starting from Hive 2.1, we need to run the schematool command below as an initialization step. For example, we can use "derby" as db type. 


Error Logs
Error Logs
Hive uses log4j for logging. By default logs are not emitted to the console by the CLI. The default logging level is WARN for Hive releases prior to 0.13.0. Starting with Hive 0.13.0, the default logging level is INFO.

The logs are stored in the directory /tmp/<>:


Audit logs are logged from the Hive metastore server for every metastore API invocation.

An audit log has the function and some of the relevant function arguments logged in the metastore log file. It is logged at the INFO level of log4j, so you need to make sure that the logging at the INFO level is enabled (see HIVE-3505). The name of the log entry is "HiveMetaStore.audit".

 Audit logs were added in Hive 0.7 for secure client connections (HIVE-1948) and in Hive 0.10 for non-secure connections (HIVE-3277; also see HIVE-2797).

Perf Logger

In order to obtain the performance metrics via the PerfLogger, you need to set DEBUG level logging for the PerfLogger class (HIVE-12675). This can be achieved by setting the following in the log4j properties file.

If the logger level has already been set to DEBUG at root via hive.root.logger, the above setting is not required to see the performance logs.

DDL Operations

 The Hive DDL operations are documented in Hive Data Definition Language.

Creating Hive Tables

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  hive> CREATE TABLE pokes (foo INT, bar STRING);