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Comment: Updated list of releases


Join NetBeans on Slack. Go to https://netbeans.signup.teamthe signup page, enter your e-mail address, and join in discussions going on there about/around NetBeans. Note that these are informal discussions and that important discussions and decisions around Apache NetBeans must happen on the dev@ mailing list. Slack and other non-official channels are fine for coffee machine style discussions, but nothing more.


Remain up to date. The dev@ mailing list is where all announcements and discussions take place. Highlights and summaries are found here on the blogs of members of the Apache NetBeans communityWiki. In particular, here are the releases so far: 

  • November 2017July 2018Apache NetBeans (incubating) 9.0 Alpha
  • Coming soon: Apache  Apache NetBeans (incubating) 9.0 1 Beta