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  • Since 2.1.0: All default result names and interceptor names are now in camelCase (eg. was redirect-action, is now redirectAction)
  • Since 2.1.0: The "ajax" theme is provided by the Dojo Plugin. Applications using the ajax theme must include the Dojo Plugin dependency and modify existing pages to import the plugin's own taglib/model
  • Since 2.1.0 Tiles plugin: A DOCTYPE is now mandatory in the Tiles definitions XML
  • The immutable Configuration object is now created via a builder. The API is not compatible with prior versions. This primarily affects plugins that define Configuration.
  • The static method ActionContext.getContext() no longer lazily initializes an ActionContext. Unit tests that relied upon this behaviour need to setup the ActionContext via the Container first.
  • OGNL method calls like "text(key)" now invoke "text(String)" instead of "getText(String)". This affects method calls only, not properties. Some OGNL expressions may need to be updated.
  • Since 2.1.1 the REST plugin does not depend on the Codebehind plugin. Maven users using REST with Codebehind have to add a dependency to Codebehind.

New Features and Plugins

  • REST Plugin
  • JUnit Plugin (moved out of core)
  • TestNG Plugin (moved out of core)
  • DWR Plugin (moved out of core)
  • Portlet support moved to plugin (Since 2.1.0)

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Build/Release Plan

  • Struts 2.1.1 will be was the second milestone/test-build in the 2.1.x series.
    • There is yet to be a GA release in this series.
  • The Build/Release Managers is Don Brown
  • The proposed tag date for the build is February 24was 18 April, 2008
  • The test build never made it the quality vote stage due to licensing and artifact content issues.