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Comment: Resolved another issue


git push -u origin tomcat70
git push --tags


Old github repos

Solution 1: Make them read-only

Developer process

Solution 1: Document options (multiple clones, git worktree, etc.) or better strill still find an on-line reference.


Solution 1: Update svn.html post migration (any and maybe rename)

Resolved Issues

  1. Review board. Tomcat gas been removed from (technically hidden in) the ASF ReviewBoard instance

  2. Config diffs in migration guide. Use gitweb. e.g.:;a=blobdiff;f=pom.xml;hb=camel-2.20.1;hpb=camel-2.19.0
  3. Branch names. master, tc8.5, tc8.0, tc7.0 etc
  4. PRs. Those against apache/tomcat will remain. Currently no other open PRs. Any opened between now and migration will be closed and asked to be made against apache/tomcat.
  5. Merge strategy. Commit to master then cherry-pick to branches for older versions as required.
  6. CI Systems. Leave them pointing at svn. Migrate to git. Once we are happy with the git repo update the CI systems to use it.
  7. Java source code for tomcat-native. Pull in the source code from a specific tag/hash as part fo the build process.
  8. See recent tomcat-training emails on dev@ for examples. For further tweaks, infra have indicated patches to are welcome.
  9. Make old github repos read-only. Ensure information from PRs is available on dev@ list, in BZ or similar. Copy across anything missing. Then delete old repos.