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  • Apache ActiveMQ Board Report - 2019.01 (Jan)

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  • ActiveMQ
    • Fixes and improvements on the redelivery policy (especially using exponential backoff) in progress
    • New PoC to have better cloud support and features in progress, especially:
      • Add new discovery agent for network of brokers (zookeeper and hazelcast)
      • Evaluate adding replica support on top of kahadb 
  • ActiveMQ Artemis
    • Upcoming 2.7.0 Release to include following new features, above the normal bug fixing and general improvements
      • Improved AMQP Performance
      • ActiveMQ 5.x Features Added
        • Support Message Group reset via JMSXGroupSeq -1
        • Consumer Priorities
        • Advanced destination options
          • Consumers before Dispatch
          • Delay before Dispatch
      • QPID features Added
        • Custom LVQ Key
        • Non-Destructive Queue
  • ActiveMQ Other


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