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  • 3.3 Migration Guide

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  • Support for signing HTTP messages via the HTTP Signature draft spec is included ( in the cxf-rt-rs-security-http-signature module.
  • Initial support for Java 11 - CXF has been built and tested with Java 11.   It is not using the Java 11 modules, but it can be built and the tests pass with Java 11.
  • MicroProfile Rest Client v1.1 2 implementation

Major dependency changes:

  • Spring and Spring Security have been upgraded to 5.x, the Spring Boot dependency is now 2.x. However old versions will currently still work.
  • JAX-RS and JAXB APIs are now JakartaEE dependencies. All other JakartaEE dependencies will follow with the next major release. Old dependencies can still be just, but this requires exclusions to avoid duplicate transitive dependencies (currently no relocation is in place).

Removed Features:

  • The Apache HTrace module was removed as HTrace has been retired
  • EhCache 2 OAUTH provider removed - users can use the JCache implementation with EhCache 3