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public enum JoinReason {
  RESTART("restart"), // Join request from a restart/newly started consumer 
  TOPIC_METADATA_CHANGE("topic_metadata_change"); // The topic metadata has changed (must be from the leader)
  UPGRADE("upgrade"), // The client is doing upgrade that requires rebalance.

Proposed Changes

Detecting a change of topic metadata is currently the only case when leader consumer wants to trigger a group rebalance. We will explicitly set the JoinReason to `topic_metadata_change` so that group coordinator will proceed to rebalance stage when hitting this reason. For members rejoin with UNKNOWN_MEMBER_ID. the rebalance will still trigger because the join reason is implicitly conveyed as "requiring a new member identity and grow the group" which is reasonable to trigger rebalance. For members joining with identity (either known or known, if the JoinReason is specified as `RESTART`, stable group won't trigger rebalance since this indicates a restart happens on this member and nothing should be affected for the entire group.