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Stage 1: Foundation under Construction

Community expectations

  • Focus on cleaning up the core areas (such as assembly model, contribution, core, core-spi, and implementation-java).
  • Good amount of refactoring may occur
  • Not ready for adding new functional features before the core is settled. Don't rush to bring it up to the same functionalities as 1.x.
  • Code will be unstable and/or broken for a couple of weeks

1. Start from empty trunk (after the current trunk is branched off to 1.x)


  • Some guidelines for package visibility, cross module dependencies, SPI principles
  • We are devloping a guide to help develop Tuscany modules with OSGi (Please help enhance it as you try out)

3. Get the right set of tools from sca-equinox branch to help us enforce and maintain modularity with clean SPIs.

  • We already have a fairly good developer story in sca-equinox branch:
  • Leverage Eclipse PDE to develop Tuscany modules as OSGi bundles
  • Adopt Eclipse JDT compiler with OSGi bundle resolution in maven build

4. Copy modules from sca-equinox branch into trunk


Stage 2: Functional Bring-up

Community expectations

  • Stable SPIs
  • Stable core to integrate extensions
  • Good foundation to add new functions

1. Merge changes from the 1.x branch into trunk
2. Further apply the OSGi modularity to extension modules
3. Bring up the unit tests
4. Bring up the samples, itests, vtests, demos and tutorials
5. A redesign of some problematic or over-complicated areas like policy for example (that's a good one to redesign as it's also impacted by the OASIS changes).