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Comment: Update WebSocket TCK results with Tomcat 10


A default 10.0.x build running with the nightly TCK build (as of 2020-05-1213) triggers 5+ 10 test failures

2 unclear specification


TBD failures without the system properties above. Need to test with a clean build.5 Tests 'fixed' by appropriate system property configuration (see above). No need for the server.xml changes.

  • 4 x extensions (TCK assumes invalid extensions are ignored)
    Consider making TCK smarter so it ignores other extensions the server may advertise. Better still, detect them first and then exclude them from this test.
    Need to discuss expected behaviour if an unknown extension is specified. Are these required or optional?
  • 1 x timeout related test expects more frequent expiration checks

Expected results (Java EE 8)