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Comment: added new wireframes

Diagrams from drawio. Use this file to edit them: mxnet-website-info-arch (8).xml

Draft - Aaron S. Markham (ASM) February 4, 2019

Updated February 15, 2019 (ASM): Added a detailed flow for Python → Gluon → Training APIs

Updated March 7, 2019 (ASM): Adding link to Gallery wireframes and screenshots here.


This document's purpose is to asses scope for a website redesign and drive consensus on content flow of the website. The wireframe is to assist designers and front-end engineers to begin work on a design and interaction plans for the website. The content flows and copy placeholders are for the writers and subject matter experts.

Update (ASM):

I spent some time learning the Material Design ecosystem as the beta site uses this as its template. By converting the wireframes into a Material Design theme using a Sketch plugin, I was able to reimplement the wireframes in a way that also reflect the Material Design API. After uploading the wireframes to the Material Design Gallery, contributors can inspect elements, which yields info on their class membership, coordinates, and other info helpful in site implementation. This way we can achieve some level of fluidity as different contributors apply their energies to the site’s revisions. Additionally, designer resources can update the Sketch file’s symbol elements and the changes will propagate throughout the website wireframes.

I'm putting a flow for browsing Python docs here for illustration.

Sample Docs Flow

Request access to the project to comment on specific items and keep updated with new revisions!

This flow goes from the Docs page to Python to Gluon then to 

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Home Page

The home page focuses on three primary questions, what is MXNet, why choose MXNet, and how do I use MXNet. Each of these have a featured story which is an opportunity to highlight a new use case, demo, news item, blog, video, and so forth.


If desired, another block can be inserted above this for MXNet community logos.

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Info Page

This is a template that can be used for Ecosystem, Use Cases, Demos, Features, Videos, etc.