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Table of Contents

If you are looking for documentation on using Apache Hudi, please visit the project site or engage with our community

Technical documentation

How-to blogs

  1. How to manually register Hudi tables into Hive via Beeline? 
  2. Ingesting Database changes via Sqoop/Hudi
  3. De-Duping Kafka Events With Hudi DeltaStreamer

Design documents/RFCs

RFCs are the way to propose large changes to Hudi and the RFC Process details how to go about driving one from proposal to completion.  Anyone can initiate a RFC. Please note that if you are unsure of whether a feature already exists or if there is a plan already to implement a similar one, always start a discussion thread on the dev mailing list before initiating a RFC. This will help everyone get the right context and optimize everyone’s usage of time.

Below is a list of RFCs 

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pageRFC Process

Community Management


Below is a tentative roadmap for 2021 (in no particular order; since that is determined by Release Management process)


  1. Spark SQL with Merge/Delete statements support (RFC - 25: Spark SQL Extension For Hudi)

  2. Trino integration with support for querying/writing Hudi table using SQL statements

  3. Kinesis/Pulsar integrations with DeltaStreamer

  4. Kafka Connect Sink for Hudi

  5. Dremio integration 
  6. Interops with other table formats

  7. ORC Support


  • Indexing 

    • MetadataIndex implementation that servers bloom filters/key ranges from metadata table, to speed up bloom index on cloud storage.

    • Addition of record level indexes for fast CDC (RFC-08 Record level indexing mechanisms for Hudi datasets)

    • Range index to maintain column/field value ranges, to help file skipping for query performance

    • Addition of more auxiliary indexing structures - bitmaps, .. 

    • global/hash based index to faster point-in-time lookup

  • Concurrency Control

    • Addition of optimistic concurrency control, with pluggable locking services.
    • Non-blocking clustering implementation w.r.t updates

    • Multi-writer support with fully non-blocking log based concurrency control.
    • Multi table transactions
  • Performance
    • Integrate row writer with all Hudi writer operations
  • Self Managing 

    • Clustering based on historical workload trend 

    • On-fly data locality during write time (HUDI-1628)
    • Auto Determination of compression ratio


  • Performance

    • Complete integration with metadata table.
    • Realtime view performance/memory footprint reduction.
  • PrestoDB
    • Incremental Query support on Presto

  • Hive
    • Storage handler to leverage metadata table for partition pruning
  • Spark SQL
    • Hardening incremental pull via Realtime view

    • Spark Datasource redesign around metadata table
    • Streaming ETL via Structured Streaming
  • Flink
    • Support for end-end streaming ETL pipelines

    • Materialized view support via Flink/Calcite SQL
  • Mutable, Columnar Cache Service

    • File group level caching to enable real-time analytics (backed by Arrow/AresDB)

Metadata Management

  • Standalone timeline server
    • Serves interactive query planning performance: schema, DFS listings, statistics, timeline requests
    • High availability/sharding
    • Pluggable backing stores including rocksDB, Dynamo, Spanner