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Initial support for Cortex-M33

Support for new BSPs

  • Bluepill (STM32F1x)
  • Nucleo-F030R8 (STM32F0x)
  • Nucleo-F072RB (STM32F0x)
  • reel board (nRF52x)

Generic bus driver

General bus driver is an abstraction for using serial buses like I2C or SPI in a generic way where bus state is managed automatically to handle access form multiple threads and to multiple devices concurrently in a seamless way. This aims to replace direct calls to HAL in drivers.


  • LIS2DH12 accelerometer
  • SSD1673 display
  • nRF52 TWIM
  • TRNG for K64F
  • CRYPTO (accelerator) for K64F and NRF52x

Enhancement/Fixes to existing features