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How to write a Hama-YARN job

BSP job

The BSPModel hasn't changed, but the way to submit a job has.


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Graph job

Hama Graph jobs also isn't changed but you should change a little code from GraphJob to YARNGraphJob to run Hama graph job. Let's show the following link, PageRank on YARN.

PageRank on YARN example

Compared to PageRank in existing graph example, this code only is changed from GraphJob to YARNGraphJob. How to launch graph job on YARN is same as existing graph job.

How to submit a job


You have to ways to submit a job, you can either submit it via shell and a packed jar, or you can submit from a java application. In both cases you need the hama-yarn jar in the classpath or inside the jar to run correctly.


to submit a Hama job. You can just change the BSPJob to YARNBSPJob. If you want to submit graph job of Hama, only change BSPJob object to YARNGraphJob.