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  • If you are using shell scripts to start Tomcat, start it with the following command:

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     catalina jpda start 

    It will start Tomcat so that a remote debugger can be connected to port 8000.
    The above mentioned options can be provided by setting certain environment variables. See the comments at the top of or .bat file for details.
    For example, the port number and JPDA transport implementation can be set with JPDA_ADDRESS=8000 and JPDA_TRANSPORT=dt_socket.

  • If you run Tomcat using a service wrapper (e.g. Apache Commons Daemon), add the above JVM options before any other JVM options. Check the documentation for the service wrapper to determine how to set JVM options.
  • If you start Tomcat from within an IDE, check the documentation for the IDE to determine how to set the required JVM options.