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The Tomcat user mailing list is for all your questions about how to use Tomcat. It is a high volume list! For those who can't handle that kind of traffic, you can also get it in digest form.



  1. How do I subscribe?
  2. Why won't people answer my question?
  3. How do I unsubscribe?
  4. Should I post to users or dev?


How do I subscribe?


  • No one knows the answer.
  • Everyone is ignoring you.
  • The person who knows the answer hasn't gotten around to it yet.
  • The person who knows the answer hasn't gotten around to it yet. (So please don't post the same question multiple times)

In other words - you get what you pay for. If you phrase you question intelligently and not make your question annoying, your quality of support will probably better than any commercial help support.


  • "help" in the subject line (we know you need help by writing in the first place)
  • plz or please in the subject line. We already know you need help.
  • ALL CAPS IN THE SUBJECT LINE. (Sorry for anyone emailing from a mainframe)
  • Do not place !! (more than 2!) in the subject line. The number of exclamation points has no relation to anyone's interest in answering the question. In fact - it has a higher chance at being ignored.
  • Your e-mail has a return receipt. You don't need to know I got the message.
  • Select posters who have consistently displayed no desire to research before posting a question.

How do I unsubscribe?


If you wish to extend tomcat using your own Valve, Realm, or anything else ... those discussions belong in tomcat-user. You might be using Tomcat's internal API but unless your changes are going back into the official source tree, the question belongs on the user list.