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Comment: Add details to "update the website" step. It is easy to forget about the doap file.


  • Send a recap "[VOTE][RESULT]" email to the vote thread on the dev list with the vote counts.

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     svn mv

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     svn checkout --depth immediates 

    and update the KEYS file there to be the same as the one used for release. (The download page has links pointing to this file).

  • Release the Maven artifacts ( step 4)
  • Wait for the mirrors to sync (up to 24 hours depending on what percentage of the mirrors you want to sync) (Check status at
  • Update the website (e.g.
    Note: the index and oldnews pages are sorted by date. Thus the new announcement pops up to the top of the page.
    • Update download page (update "[define v]" macro for the new version)
    • Move old announcement to oldnews page.
    • Add announcement for the new release to the front page (index).
    • Update whichversion page (the current version number).
    • Update migration page (versions in "configuration file differences" comparison form).
      • Notable changes that change behaviour and may require action when upgrading from the previous release may be added to the "noteable changes" section on the migration page.
    • Update doap_Tomcat.rdf file (version number and release date).
  • Update the docs (see
  • Announce the release (e.g. to users@t.a.o, cc dev@t.a.o, announce@t.a.o, announce@a.o
  • Update the release date in the changelog to the date the files were copied to the the release area in yyyy-mm-dd format.
    E.g. "released 2013-05-03" (for stable versions), "beta, 2007-02-08" (for betas).
  • Add the version number in Bugzilla ( → Administration → Products / versions)
  • Drop the artifacts for the previous release from
  • Add release data (version and date) to -